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This past July I went to Delacroix, LA for a redfish trip. I typically take this trip a few times a year. Every time I return, so many people tell me that they have never caught a redfish and would love to go with me sometime. Well this trip in July I was able to take 2 close friends with me that had never caught a redfish from a kayak before!

The drive down went by quickly while anticipating the next mornings outing. I told story after story about previous trips and told them what to expect. We arrived around 2:00 AM and we hit the beds with the alarm set. 5:00 AM came quite quickly and an hour later we were sliding our kayaks into the endless grass marshes of southeast Louisiana. We paddled down the canal to our first destination. My buddy’s first cast landed a 16” red. While not a big fish, it sure got us excited. Several hours later we split up and were in the search for more fish. I happen to be a few hundred yards from one of my friends, and I happened to look over to see him leaned back, rod bent over and his kayak being pulled across the marsh. I hurried over to watch him battle the beautiful red. A minute later he was holding a 29” red, a beautiful specimen! He couldn’t be happier and either could I!

We fished 3 days and caught and released probably 60-80 redfish between the 3 of us, stuffed our faces with shrimp po’boys, and created new stories to tell on the way down next time. Needless to say both of my friends are hooked and are already talking about returning next year. Next time you are planning a trip, invite someone who hasn’t experienced what you are about to do! It is just as fun watching them experience what you love!