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A couple of my friend have been asking me to take them fishing for quite a while. Kevin, my EMT partner at work, had never been fishing. So when we were able to line up a day, I opted to bring the kayaks along, my Kilroy and Cruise 10. I knew for a first time fisherman that adding in a kayak may make things a little more difficult, but the ponds I took him to are kind of hard to access from the bank. Our target species was Largemouth, which are plentiful in these little known ponds. I was confident I could put him on some fish there and have his first experience be a positive one. It took some trial and error. Lessons on operating the kayak, how to fish with the gear I had, and what to look for on the water were just a few things we covered before getting after it. Luckily it didn’t take long for Kevin to hook and land his first fish! Convincing him that it was ok to lip the bass was another story…But finally he grabbed it and had his first landed fish! We spent about half the day on the water working two of the ponds and catching some nice quality bass to 3-4lbs. Kevin had a blast and is already asking when we are going again. Overall I’d say it was a success!
That brings me to my other friend Chris. He is my old Paramedic partner and like Kevin, has been asking me to take him fishing. Due to my success with Kevin, I opted to take Chris to the same ponds and attempt to execute the same plans. The lessons were slightly shorter this time, being that Chris had been in a kayak and had gone fishing once or twice before. He ended up catching the first fish as I’m trying to teach him how to use a Senko! Ended up being a solid 18” fish! We did about the same thing as my previous trip, spending about half the day on the water, each catching some nice quality bass.
Doing trips like these and sharing my passions with other people really gives me a lot of joy. And in this case really makes me consider how I would like being a kayak fishing guide!? I don’t think that’s quite in the cards yet, but maybe one day. Now I just need to decide where I’m taking them next and what we will target!