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Slicey boats have made a huge comeback! First available in the 1990s, these boats are back for round 2. A few people are dusting off their old beat up boats that live under the garage, but most are searching for the newest, best designs.

Why paddle a slicey boat? The short answer is for fun! Slicey boats are a great way for a beginner paddler to get more excited about kayaking, and an intermediate or advanced paddler to learn new skills, improve their current skills, and in general, have more fun on the water.

So which one to choose when there’re so many options? I’m going to discuss the differences between the Antix and the Mixmaster. Although they’re both technically slicey boats, they are very different.

First, the Antix. If you want a boat that can double as both a river runner and a playboat, this boat is for you! The bow is rounded for fun and safe river running and the stern is slicey for playing. This boat can confidently get you down rapids that are maybe a step below your max comfort zone, while giving you the advantage of maneuverability and play. Also, since it has a slicey stern, it is ideal for learning to stern squirt and surf. If you have a large enough feature, this boat can even cartwheel and loop! I mainly use the Antix for rivers that are not pushing my comfort zone and that I want to be able to play my way down. For slightly easier rivers, I have more fun in my Antix than I generally would in a bulky creek boat.


Next, the Mixmaster. If you want a river running playboat and don’t care about the huge air loops that the new school little boats will get you, this boat is for you! With both a slicey bow and stern, this boat is a cartwheel machine! Ideal to either learn a cartwheel and stern squirt for the first time or for the experienced playboater looking to change up the skill set. This boat is able to cartwheel, bow, and stern stall in flat water, as well as on eddy lines, in holes/waves, and playing your way down rapids. Unlike the Antix, this boat is less of a stable river runner since it has both a slicey bow and stern, so make sure you are comfortable on the run you’re taking it on. Having said that, however, get ready for a fun time!


So, which do you choose? As mentioned above, it depends on what you’re looking for. For me, these boats each offer something so unique, that I ended up with one of each! I love them both for their unique characteristics. So go out and get your slice on, in whichever boat you choose! ~Diane Brasuell (Gaydos)