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If you could have a Bug Out Bag, why not a Bug Out Box?

I’m sure there are plenty of people out there that feel like there is a perfect kayak. Well if you fish the same type of waters consistently, with the same gear load you might think you’ve found the perfect kayak for you. But if you are anything like me that simply is not the case. You see I don’t follow the rules. I seldomly find myself fishing a still body of water. I’m more likely to be found dragging my Liska a quarter mile through the woods to get to a hard to reach launch on one of my favorite rivers. Or slip into a rarely fished highly under pressured creek in my coosa. Yet then again you might see me cruising around the local lake in my coosa FD if I don’t have the time to do a float. I’ve been blessed to have found perfect yaks for all the scenarios I find myself fishing.

Tackle management is simple enough. Grab the Jkrate and the tackle trays I’ll need. Get to the water and whether I plan on taking two rods, seven or somewhere in between I just take what I need from the rod lockers and leave the rest. I only run electronics on one, so they stay on it. But what about those every day items? The things you take no matter what. Over the years of bouncing from boat to boat and finding out once I’m too far to turn around that I forgot something I needed, I’ve devised a system. A bug out box if you will.

Most of heard of bug out bags. Simple concept really, just a bag full of the stuff you would need to up and leave. I’ve done the same for my fishing needs. I’ve come up with a system that holds and organizes the gear I need with me no matter which vessel in my fleet I choose for the day. It started out as an oblong collapsible crate. Which just caught all my necessities at the end of the day. However, I’ve found a set of “tool” boxes made by Ridgid. They can be found at any Home depot. The upper I use is waterproof, and the crate is ventilated. Keep stuff dray and let the rest air out. They stack and lock together, so you can come up with whatever combination that will suit your needs.

Personally, mine carries my low pro anchor wizard and drag chain. Various yakattack gadgets like robogrips and a cup holder. PFD, knife, pliers, rescue rope, etc. Along with a dry bag, mesh bag, dry gear. Headlamps, tools, you get the picture. Its my modern-day baby blanket, something that must be there with me if I’m near the water. Hope this helps you save time at home to spend wetting lines instead.

– Jeremy Crowe