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As a kayak fishermen, I know the pleasure of using great gear. My Jackson kayaks are excellent well designed boats. The Coosa HD takes care of me in the rough stuff, and the Mayfly just seems to do everything else well. My Bending Branches Angler Pro does everything a paddle should do, and it does so with light weight and beauty. My PFD is comfy, stores some gear, and keeps me alive. The dangles and doo-dads I have added to my kayaks all serve a specific purpose.

Over the years I have found what works for me. The only spot I have been struggling to fill a need was my spinning rods. I needed a heavier action than I could find in the shops. I know many will say that I could just use a bait caster. Well, I have tried that. I find baitcasters just find for many applications. But I will never be able to skip a baitcaster underneath over hanging trees, into an undercut, while floating down a river. I am just not going to practice, when I could be fishing. I can do this with a spinning rod. However, The readily available rods, didn’t have the muscle to do this with a 3/8oz Chatterbait with a 4″ trailer. I also wanted a spinning rod that would be more suitable for my redfishing trips. The ones I had worked, but I always felt just a little undergunned with those over slot fish, and the few bulls I have hooked, really put some stress on them.

I had the perfect kayaks, paddles, and accessories, why could I not have the perfect rod?
Not being able to find what I wanted, I contacted my friend Chuck Rayburn with Bluewater Rod Company. Talking with Chuck we picked out a blank that seemed to have the properties I was looking for. We picked some tough guides. I chose Winn grips for their durability and grip. I had decided to use a Lews spinning reel, and have always been partial to bright green, so Chuck was able to color coordinate the wraps and decals. When he placed the finished product in my hand, it felt like I had found my Excalibur. It was so light and balanced, but I knew it had the power I was looking for. This was MY rod.

I have used it for a season now, in both fresh and salt. It has landed quite a few Coosa River spots, and Louisiana reds. It has done it all much better and efficiently than the rods I previously forced into duty. It is exactly what I wanted.

I write all this to make this point. If you are in a Jackson Kayak, or looking to get one, you already appreciate fine gear. If you have a hole in your rod line-up, don’t overlook a custom rod.