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This past season has been a weird and humbling one. I can’t remember another year when we have gotten anywhere close to as much rain as we have gotten this past year in my area. This kept the rivers blown out thus limiting my outings. Lakes have never been a strength of mine so I spent the majority of my season traveling to different ones for tournaments. There were some very humbling days to say the least. However, I took away some very valuable experience that can only be found by getting out of your comfort zone.

To be a consistent tournament angler you have to be versatile and comfortable in any given situation. To improve you have to know what your weaknesses are and be willing to work on them. I feel like I worked on each one of mine at every lake I visited. My results this season didn’t show it, but the experience I gained made it a successful one.
I challenge every angler to step outside your comfort zone. Be honest with yourself about what you need to work on in order to be a more well-rounded angler. It takes work, patience, and a lot of time on the water but in the end you’ll be a more consistent angler for it. Never stop trying to hone your craft or become complacent with your skills.

– Bill Durboraw