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We all know that Jackson Kayak has the best looking kayaks out there. One of the really awesome things about Jackson is they give you the option to make your kayak truly your own. For an extra $300 you can choose any of the colors in their palate and get a kayak that is one of a kind. If you decide to go this route, give customer service a call to see if the colors you choose blend properly. Having a kayak custom made can have a longer turnaround time depending on what mold is in rotation at the time, but is worth the wait. Here is a picture of my custom Coosa FD.

This was my first team boat so I wanted to make it special. Since Jackson got its start making whitewater kayaks I wanted to incorporate that into mine. I chose to go with an older whitewater color called Blue Steel which was Blue,Black,and White. It took about two months to get it, but like I said it was totally worth the wait and I couldn’t be happier.