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About a month ago I was fortunate enough to get a brand new Coosa FD. After getting out in it a few times including my final tournament of 2018 I have been nothing but impressed by this kayak. I feel like I must mention that I used to say that I would never put down my paddle and get a pedal drive but things change and here I am happy as can be.


Switching from a paddle kayak to a pedal driven one is the most significant changes I have ever made when it comes to kayak fishing. One of the things that I immediately notices was how much more water I could cover in a set amount of time. For me, a tournament angler, this make a huge impact on how I can approach a tournament. Now that I can move from spot to spot quicker I also have the opportunity to make longer runs to get to the fish and still make it back to the ramp in time.

Another thing that I noticed which may not be as obvious to others was the difference in pedaling with a power pole vs paddling with one. When you paddle a kayak your weight shifts from sde to side as you make each sweep with the paddle. When I would paddle my Cuda HD I noticed that the 8 foot tall spike to my power pole would sway quite a bit. Especially if I was paddling hard to get through wind current or whatever. With the Coosa FD there is almost no sway in the pole since when pedaling the majority of my weight is staying centered.

After Fishing a few times for fun out of the Coosa FD I knew that I liked but After fishing a tournament out of the FD I knew that this yak would be my new favorite. The tournament I fished was on Geist Reservoir in Fishers IN. This time of the year every bit is very light and you have to fish extremely slow in order to get them. The FD allowed me to make a fast initial run of over a mile without an issue. Once in the spot I was able to hold position finesse fish every single boat dock.


Looking on to the upcoming 2019 season all I can see are different possibilities and opportunities that the Flex Drive has now made available to me. As I sit here writing this article I can barely suppress the excitement to get out again let alone the excitement to start what is fixing to be my biggest tournament season yet!