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We all have a big debate about what kayak is the best and what kayak is the most fun, but it really isn’t a competition; I have never had more fun than I have in the Dynamic Duo! You can do anything in this boat from getting surfed in huge holes to taking your mom down her first ever run in a kayak. I have never laughed and smiled as much as I have in this boat.

The first time I ever paddled the Duo I was 14 years old and had not started kayaking on my own yet, but I really wanted to compete in Kern Fest. So Evan Moore and I decided that we would do the down river race in the duo. The down river race is about a 3.5 mile race, which to me at the time didn’t seem that long. However about halfway down the course I couldn’t feel my arms any more. So by the time we were coming through the park where everyone was watching Evan was paddling 5 strokes to my 1, and trust me I was giving it everything I had. I’ll never forget that day, although it was extremely embarrassing when everyone was making fun of me after I had an awesome time.

The next time I was in the duo was a few years later at an event called Horseshoe days. Horseshoe days is an event where everyone goes down to Horseshoe rapid on the lower kern and gets surfed in a huge hole. Andrew Mathews and I decided it would be awesome to take the due down. Oh and it was, getting chundered in the huge hole with one of your best buds right behind you is to classic. What really tied it all together was once we flushed we were trying to roll on opposite sides of the boat. We’d each try twice then both switch sides thinking the other person wouldn’t unit finally we got on the same page and rolled up with a good laugh.

My last time in a duo was taking my mom down her first ever run in a kayak. I have never seen anyone in my entire life so happy as she was sitting in the front of the boat going down her first rapids in a hard shell. This without doubt was one of my favorite days of my life, being able to share my passion with the person I love most!

So if you’re ever in the mood for a good time, go out and find a Dynamic Duo and a friend! I promise you’ll love it!

Can put strain on relationships 😉

– Johnny Chase