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Tis the season and as the craziness of holiday shopping gets into full swing it can be overwhelming shopping for your favorite kayak angler. So I’ve put together a list of useful gifts that won’t break the bank to wrap up this year’s shopping list. When I thought about what I wanted to include on this list I narrowed it down to 2 criteria. One it has to be something I use on almost every trip and wasn’t a in the way when I wasn’t using it. Secondly it had to be affordable, so for the purpose of this list I’ve set a cap and 50 dollars.

  1. The Multi tool

The Multi tool is a fisherman’s best friend, I use mine constantly for snipping, clipping, crimping and hook removal. I always have one in the pocket of my PFD. Price vary greatly from $10 dollars upwards of $100, I believe the best option is somewhere in the middle. Many companies like Gerber and Leatherman have very well made and affordable options.

  1. The Safety Flag

Safety in any sport is paramount but it’s amplified in kayak fishing when you’re often times navigating around craft larger and faster than yourself. The safety flag helps mitigate these safety concerns allowing the kayak to have heightened visibility to those around you. The standard flag is on a 3 to 5 foot pole with a high visibility flag on top. Most will fit in a rod holder or mount directly to the kayak. Again price points can vary but my go too is the Yak Attack VisiFlag.

  1. The Fish Grip

 This is another one of those tools I’ve come to depend on during every outing. The fish grip allows you to secure your catch in a way that is safe for you as well as the fish. Being able to secure a fish without having my hands in a fish’s mouth while removing hooks is well worth it! I also use my fish grips to keep the fish in the water as long as possible while getting my camera or gear in order to bring the fish aboard. That way I am able to care for the fish in the most efficient and least stress inducing way possible.

  1. Measuring Board

Whether an avid tournament angler or just a weekend warrior. The fish measuring board is a staple among yak anglers. It’s the Standard in for all kayak tournaments and is just good to have for bragging rights when showing off your catch. There are a couples options out there but the Hawg Trough is still the most used and my go in this department.

  1. Anchor

The standard 2 or 3lbs anchor is a great tool for any kayak angler. I use mine both fishing offshore as well as in use anchoring myself to the bank. Any model will do but I prefer the collapsible claw kind for digging into the bank or shrubs.

Hopefully this list has helped with grabbing those last few gifts this holiday season. Through the years I’ve found all of these items to extremely helpful while on the water. And I hope they will help your Kayak angler too!