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FIND THE BAIT!! It’s as easy as that. If you can find big schools of shad, there will certainly be bass around as they are trying to feed up before they head to their winter time home.
Usually start in the back of creek arms and make my way towards the main lake. I do not waste a lot of time fishing if I’m not seeing any bait or activity at all. When I do find the bait, there are most likely giant schools of them packed together.

What to throw when you find schools of bait? Have a spinnerbait, chatterbait, swimbait and/or Alabama rig (if the water temperature is below 60 degrees) tied on. These all mimic shad. i promise if you find the shad and have one of these lures tied on, you’ll have a successful day on the water. You never know, you might also run into other species gorging on the shad.

– Brandon Sorg