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The Liska has continued to impress me in 2018. It is lightweight, stable, and covered with just enough fishing-ready accessories to make you feel fully rigged-out on the water. The currents found in the Coosa River provide as much of a proving ground as anyone would need to test the Liska in moving water and the Liska passed the test.

I am personally able to deadlift the boat and carry it to the water’s edge. There is plenty of room aft of the seat to store large crate systems such as the JKrate by Jackson Kayak or the BlackPak by YakAttack. So, getting the boat out of the garage, into the truck, and on the water just reduces the friction between me and an adventure. Being about to rig it out how I like increases possibilities on the water. There is plenty of T-track on the all ends and sides of the boat to add accessories that make paddling and fishing on the water more convenient.


The Coosa River is known to have flow that is not intimidating to the first time moving water angler. Due to the width of the river, paddlers have the option to test their navigating skills and balance in as light or heavy current as they choose. Due to the flow schedule of Jordan Dam, the Coosa River’s character evolves throughout the day. I knew if the boat handled great in the Coosa River, I would have a winner.



Needless to say, the Liska was able to tackle large rapids, long rapids, powerful eddies, and shallow waters. I was able to drag my boat over rocks and through shallow areas to access parts of the rivers that are otherwise accessible.

The boat drained quickly l after encountering some of the larger waves. For once, I had a boat that didn’t hold water in the tankwell of the boat.


When it came to stability, I was able to stand in current with confidence. The Liska’s stability is just one notch below that of the Big Rig and Mayfly. In fact, in a lot of ways the Liska is a Mayfly-lite. Remove the hatch and footpegs located in the cockpit of the boat and you would truly have a Mayfly-lite.

2019 will most likely see me having a Liska in my fleet. As much as I want to get back into the Coosa HD and Mayfly, this Liska is stable, light, and capable. Since I fish flat and moving water about an equal amount, the Liska is probably THE best all-around boat for me. Of course, if you fish moving water most of the time, then the Coosa HD is perform THE best boat in all of kayak fishing for that environment. However, the price point and performance of the Liska puts it in a class that few boats in all of kayak fishing.