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I’m very excited to get the 2019 season underway. This past season was my roughest to date as far as tournament finishes go but the positives I was able to take away from it was experience and lessons learned. I’m anxious to get back on the water to apply some of my new found knowledge.
Looking ahead at the 2019 season I plan to fish various Kayak-Anglers tournaments throughout their different chapter regions in PA and NY. I will also be competing in KBF events in the North East region. If the River Bassin’ circuit is running I will be participating in that as well. In between the in-person events I’ll be fishing in multiple on-line events. I hope to even make it down to some of the events with the MSKA crew too. I tend to keep a pretty busy tournament schedule as long as my day job cooperates. The adventures in traveling to new places and meeting new people is something I always enjoy just as much as the fishing aspect.

I currently fish out of a Jackson Mayfly. It has been an incredibly versatile yak for me and quickly has become my favorite out of all the other yaks I have owned. For 2019 my Mayfly will be used exclusively as my river yak. I will be adding a Big Rig HDFD to my arsenal which will serve as my tournament lake boat. I couldn’t be more excited to see how well that yak performs.
My goals for next year are the same as every season. Continue to grow as an angler, put in the work, share knowledge, and never stop learning. I feel that by doing those things success will come. I wish everyone the best of luck next season and I hope to meet as many of you as possible in my travels.

– Bill Durboraw