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Blew off work on Saturday AM and headed down to the beach.

Little bit of a shorebreak but was able to get out between sets.

Nice and glassy once offshore, but very foggy…was very glad I had my Navionics GPS app to help keep me oriented.

First area produced one 24/25 inch Ling and two rockfish.

Then had a code brown and moved spots to get away from the scene.

Decided to try a reef I have been eyeing but have never explored.

Big schools of blues and nice sized olives…took 3 and then dropped down and saw a big old Ling head in a hole.

Bled and brained her and jumped back on the yak for a break and some pics.

Texted my coworker to see if her husband (avid angler but a recent stroke has kept him from getting fish for the family) wanted some rockfish. She said for sure so I jumped back in to shoot 5 more to complete the limit for him.

Shot 3 and then a nice Sheep cruised through and popped her in the side. First sheep of 2018 for me. 🙂

Took the last 2 rockies, stowed all the gear, then paddled back to shore.

Landed without incident, then headed over to the new tackle shop in town ( to weigh the fishies…big Ling was 13.2, sheep was 8.8, and stringer was 45.8.

Most fun day I’ve had in a long time!!!

Here’s a vid:

Thanks for looking!!