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Our Jackson fishing kayaks leave the factory with tons of attachment points. We have tracks, threaded inserts, and lots of flat real estate. The multiple hatches mean there is almost no spot inside a hull we can’t reach. But, sometimes even that isn’t enough. I recently ran into a bit of an issue doing some rigging. I needed to use a bolt, washer, and nut for this application. Before drilling, I reached through the hatch to make sure I could get a hand to the spot. Wasn’t an issue, so I drilled. It was an issue. I could reach the bolt with the washer and nut in hand, but after many minutes of fumbling, and maybe a few choice words, I could not get the washer on the bolt, then start the nut with just the fingertips of one hand. Hey, I’m not a surgeon.

I decided to take a break and went and had a seat at my computer desk, which doubles as my fly tying station, to look for a solution. It was staring me in the face, on the shelf beside the monitor. Every fly tyer has a bottle of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails on his bench. I painted a bead of it around the hole of the washer, sat the nut on the bead of polish, then let it dry. When I picked it up, I knew my problem was solved. The Sally provided just enough adhesion to allow me to manipulate the washer and nut with one hand. Started it on the first try.

It seems really simple, and it is, but maybe it will help you out sometime.