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In October of this year, I decided that one trip to Delacroix, LA wasn’t enough for this year. So a few buddies and I met down in Louisiana to chase those beautiful reds one more time before hunting season starts. Wind and rain was in the forecast, but that didn’t seem to lower our spirits one bit.

We arrived with 2 first timers around noon. A quick drop off of our clothes at our room and it was go time. The 20 mph winds and high waters still from Hurricane Michael, brought decisions that had to be made on where to go. Some areas were way to windy, and other areas we were familiar with had way too much water in them and the fish wouldn’t be around. Finally we decided on an area where we could all split up to cover water to find fish. It didn’t take long and fish were located. To watch the new guys catch their first reds is something that will never get old! Day one was a little tough, but we all were rewarded with a few rod bending fish to get the trip started.

Day 2 we tried a new area and boy was it a good decision. I broke off from the group to try an area, and I was immediately catching fish as the sun was rising over the marsh. I made a call to my friends after I caught a quick 5 fish to see if they were on them and they were catching just as many. We fished from 7-11 AM and we had over 60 reds between the 4 of us. That afternoon we fished another area to find some bigger fish and we boated a few good ones to end day 2.

Day 3 we fished the same area as the morning of day 2, the fish had moved, but after a few hours we were back on them and decided to fish into the afternoon. Storms chased us off the water around 2, and we ended the trip hanging out in the cabin with wind and rain pounding the windows. But we weren’t complaining, we tallied totals and had caught over 160 redfish between 4 guys in 2 and a half days fishing. It was one heck of a trip! I cannot wait until next year!