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Kayak fishing gear is expensive. On any given trip I will load over $2000 worth of gear into the back of my truck. My typical gear includes dry suit, pfd, paddle, fish finder, battery, rods, seat and a myriad of accessories. All of which will be damp and smelly for the ride home.

I’ve been looking for a way to transport my gear that will:
1) Secure my expensive kit
2) Keep it out of view when away from my vehicle
3) Allow my gear to be easily accessed
4) Not compromise the utility of my vehicle for other applications
5) Avoid converting my cab into a terrarium
After looking at a number of options I bought a Retrax retractable bed cover. The cover is lockable and made of sturdy aluminum. Gear is out of site and protected from weather and wind. It is also compatible with my existing racks.

Once open, I can easily reach anything in the bed, there is no need to crawl into a confined space to get my gear. When I need my truck for other purposes, only a very small portion of the bed is occupied by the cover.
This cover has greatly increased the utility of my truck. Besides kayak fishing it has been ideal for protecting luggage and other items when on the road with the family. If you’re in a similar dilemma, I highly recommend giving this alternative a look!