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The Coosa FD Is a very unique and versatile kayak so I thought I would give it a shot on a river. I’ve paddled the Coosa and Coosa HD down many rivers and they are both excellent boats for river fishing. With the FD being longer, wider and having the propeller below the kayak, I wasn’t sure how it would perform. Obviously there are several types of rivers with some being more rapids and others being mainly long, deep pools. The FD is great for deep pools on a river but I wanted to take it down a swift and shallow river. The Green River in south central KY was perfect for me to test it on. I actually tested it two different times. Once with the drive and rudder and once with no rudder and just paddling.
Using the FD with the drive, I was amazed at how well it turned into eddies with just using the rudder control. That was about the only use I found for using the drive and rudder in continuous swift water. I found it difficult to hold position in an eddy without using a paddle and the pedals really just got in the way. I wouldn’t recommend using the drive in current, although it is doable. If you are on a river that has a few rapids but several long, deep holes, the drive might be worth using.

When I took the FD down the river with no pedals and removing the rudder, it was actually a pleasant float. It was easier to paddle straight than I anticipated. The maneuverability was pretty difficult in rapids but it makes up for that with its stability. I never thought I was going to flip at any point. I would take the FD on a float again when just paddling for its stability and storage. If I did plan on portaging or dragging through any rapids or shoals, I might consider a different kayak if you have the option. It is great to know that the Coosa FD can be used on rivers without compromising too much maneuverability.

– Brandon Sorg