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On the way to the lake, I noticed some other bodies of water are starting to form skim ice along the shallow edges indicating that ice up isn’t too far away. These are some of my final opportunities for taking out the kayak this year, and I want to make the most out of every opportunity I get to be on the Coosa FD. After spending some time chasing walleye on deep structure and along dams, I made the decision to start targeting bass as I was struggling to get the walleye to bite. Reactionary baits were not getting a sniff so it was time to get a little more finesse and I began dragging a tube along steep drop-offs and humps. I caught four species of fish including smallmouth, largemouth, white bass, and rainbow trout. Every once in a while my tube would get hung up in rocks or weeds and I would allow the tube to stay stuck while bouncing the slack in my line. Sometimes the fish would pick my tube up right off the snag and other times my tube would break free and the fish would bite it at that point. I missed a few of these fish as those bites can be a little tougher to feel when you’re bouncing your slack like that. However, anytime I get on a bass bite in November is considered a win in my book.