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Simply put it’s a kayak. By definition they are not. Lot’s of arguing about what is and is not a kayak going on recently. I don’t have answers for everyone. It’s a little plastic boat. But what is more important, well at least to me, is what it does for me. So, what do they do?

They can do a lot for a person. Mine get me to where I need to be. Transportation so to speak. We all know they move us around the water. Be it creeks, lakes, rivers, or reservoirs, they help us get to our fishing spots. Be it tournament day or just a relaxing day with friends talking smack and trying to catch some fish in between. Personally, my favorite is moving water. Creeks, streams, and rivers can put you in the middle of nowhere five minutes from somewhere. Places that are rarely seen or touched by man are possible to find really close to home if you aren’t afraid of a little work. So, these little plastic boats are a means to memories. Which leads me into where I tell you that they can and will take you places that are much more than physical. Places, that in the middle of the chaos we all know as life, will bring you to peace. Places where a smile can be found in the most trying of times. Places that will slow you down when you are moving far too fast. These places are everywhere. I’ve been lucky enough to find my better half who enjoys the same passion as I do. This has made it possible for us to travel the country chasing some little (and big) fish, and those places I was just talking about. The most beautiful places on earth are just a kayak trip away. 

Is it a means of therapy? Transportation to the honey hole? Your way of coming to peace? An escape? All the above? Or is it bigger than all of it? Maybe its just a plastic vessel? No one knows what it is to you but yourself, so get out there and figure it out!

– Jeremy Crowe