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Catching bass on the fly rod is my favorite technique. I still love the feeling of a bass t-boning a swimbait or smashing a spook, but nothing compares to the fight of a bass on the fly rod and the satisfaction of landing big bass on flies you tie yourself.

My trip today was all about testing out new flies and fly fishing in some very tough conditions. The water was heavily stained from a strong rain storm the evening before and up a bit higher than I typically like to fish, but you can’t pick conditions.

My fish today came on dark crawdad flies tied claw-dad style. These craws imitate a finesse jig and are great to drift in front of lethargic bass. Flies don’t put off a ton of vibration in the water, so you kind of have to hit them on the head with it. I read the current and drift it down current seams where bass will lie in wait to feed much like nymphing for trout.

My next bass came on a bright yellow popper. I really don’t have a ton of luck popping them as I find it he bigger bass will often keep and eye on the surface and pick off easy meals drifting by on the surface. Essentially I just drift it along and wait for one to eat it.

My last fish came by swinging a streamer below a shoal complex. All fish love a streamer swinging in the current and it is a great tactic in muddy water.