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“Hey man, where are they biting?” I get asked that many times when on the water or during prefishing. Seems like everyone is looking for that secret honey hole where the fish bite on every cast. The ultimate question is “where?” As kayak fishermen this is a very important question to ask ourselves’ when trying to be most successful on the water.

Unlucky for us, kayak fishermen, we do not have a Mercury 250 to blast us across the lake from spot to spot. So, choosing areas on the lake that has the highest percentage for big fish is very important. The biggest tip I would give is choose fishing areas that fish to your strengths and that in versatile and offer many different options when trying to catch fish, also, make sure to get some of the top lures for bass. 

Fishing your strengths is really important because the last thing we want to do when fishing is not having confidence in the technique we are trying to present. I believe that fish on any part of the lake are willing to bite any bait thrown at them, but finding those fish is the hardest part. What I mean by this is, if you like to fish shallow crankbaits look for areas where the water is a bit more stained and there is cover. You want to maximize your percentage for fish catches by fishing areas best suited for the way you want to fish. Of course, it is important to learn new fishing techniques to become a more well-rounded angler, but at the end of the day we fish to have fun so enjoy fishing the way you like.

Another very key aspect to look for when kayak fishing is how versatile is the area you are fishing. I see many new kayak anglers just simply launch in from a random boat launch and notice that there are no fishable areas near them. Or some spots are only shallow fishing areas, but if the fish are not shallow then the whole area is dead water. I recommend that you choose areas that offer both shallow and deep-water fishing options. These areas could have one or more points, humps, flats, and depth contours. Having options close by is good for making sure there is always fishable water. These are things that I put into consideration when fishing the National Championship.

Next time you go out fishing, do a little research before hand to help you catch more fish. Use Google Earth/Map or Navionics web app to help with that research. Good luck and tight lines!