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As Jackson’s first fishing specific kayak, the Coosa took the paddlesports world by storm. It had everything a fisherman wanted; the industry’s first high-low seating, ample storage, supreme maneuverability, and great stability. However, in recent years the original Coosa has fallen in the shadows of boats like the Coosa HD, the Cuda, Liska, and many others. Don’t get me wrong, I am by no means saying these are bad boats! In fact, it would be hard to beat a Liska or Coosa HD for a jack of all trades kayak. That being said, there are many instances where my OG Coosa has made it possible for me to access water that I otherwise would not have been able to reach. For example, in the Ozarks we are privileged enough to have an insane amount of rivers and creeks, filled with world class fishing. Even with countless miles of easily accessible water, some of the best fishing can be found on the “stream less traveled”. An example of this is lesser known creek I often wade fish. It is filled with skinny water, tight twisty turns, and deep holes. This particular waterway is a place that has always produced some respectable smallmouth (Free. The. Fighter!), but since the holes containing the fish are so far apart, you are not able to cover as much productive water as you would like too. Enter the OG Coosa. Because of the Coosa’s maneuverability and ease of handling in current I am able to effortlessly navigate the sketchy areas as well as more effectively fish the holes. Being in a kayak instead of remaining land locked allows me to get to areas I would have never made it to previously, and in turn, catch more fish. As far as the versatility of the original Coosa is concerned it’s pretty amazing. I’ve spent countless hours paddling it on a lake and it has pleasantly surprised me. Even if I get blown around in the wind the maneuverability allows me to quickly get back to where I need to be facing. It may not be the best lake boat out there, but if you are a river rat like me the lake is the last thing on your mind. Even though the Coosa might not be considered to be the “latest and greatest” boat, in my opinion it still deserves a spot at the top. Next time you’re out looking for a new vessel, I encourage you to take a look at the Jackson Coosa. You won’t be disappointed!

– Chris Connolley