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I think it’s very important when you go out fishing in a kayak that you bring a first aid kit. My background is in emergency medicine nurse so I have pretty extensive knowledge on what is important and what isn’t important to bring with you on a kayak. The basic essentials are alcohol wipes, iodine, peroxide, sterile gauze, tape, elastic bandage, bandaids, ibuprofen, and bleach mixture (9 parts water, one part bleach).  I also bring extra things, but not necessary to most situations. The important thing to do when you get into a scary situation is to remain calm.  Fishing with a partner is also a smart thing to do. Letting someone know where are you going fishing and making sure you have a cell phone on hand is important.  Having a flag on your kayak helps boaters see you.  I also recommend watching videos on how to remove impaled hooks from arms,legs, etc.  Tight lines and stay safe!