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When installing a fishfinder on your Coosa FD the first step is determining which side of your kayak you want to have the screen mounted. I like to land my fish on the right side, so I mount my accessories on the left side. If you are running a larger screen the track that the drive bolts to is a great spot to put the screen. In order to install your mount the track has to be loosened so that the T-bolt can slide in to place. then tighten your mount and position the screen so it can be seen but not interfere with the pedals.
     The next step would be mounting the transducer. For my setup I used the Lowrance scupper transducer mount. The FD has two transducer scuppers, one on each side of the drive. Here comes my least favorite part, which is drilling a hole for the wires to pass through. The Lowrance connectors are huge so I had to use a 1″ spade bit to make my hole. After drilling the hole you will need some sort of thru-hull plug to make a dry connection.
    Once the cable is in the hull you will need to install another thru-hull plug to bring the transducer and power wires up to the back of the screen. I used the flat spot between the rod tube and front hatch to install the plug. Now just plug in your connections and zip tie any excess wire inside the hull.
The last step is connecting to a power source,I went with the Nocqua 10aH battery because it is sealed and comes with waterproof connectors. In the front hatch I used a Mayfly bucket to house my battery, I drilled a couple of holes in the bucket and attached a short piece of bungee cord so that the battery could hang out of the way and keep it from sliding around on the floor. Make your connections and power on your unit to run through the set up and get everything fine tuned. 
   I hope seeing the way mine is set up helps to get your unit installed and you catching fish as soon as possible.