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I wrote earlier on how to find new fishing waters. This is an update on using a sit inside kayak to help with the scouting. I use a Jackson Tupelo to scout out new waters.

Why a Tupelo? It has the same comfortable frame style seat like my fishing kayaks. It’s very stable. Its weight is 55 lbs. with the seat, making it lighter than my fishing kayaks. The lighter weight makes it easier to portage and lift across log jams and it’s easy to transport.

I joined up with a recreational paddling group to paddle different water (scouting). The Tupelo’s speed was just right to go with other recreational kayaks.

It has gear track on it which readily accepts my rod holders etc. Once I find a viable stretch of new water I make a more thorough trip with one of my fishing kayaks. The wider cockpit has more than enough room for my fishing tackle.

It is fun to paddle!