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One of the awesome features that Jackson includes on a few of their boats is they are pre  rigged for a Power Pole Micro anchor system. The rear deck already comes with the proper size threaded inserts from the factory so all you have to do is drop the mounting bracket on  and run the wires. 

The installation on the Liska is a fairly straight forward affair that only really requires one hole to be drilled to route the power cable inside the hull. I drilled out the center of where an optional rudder cable would go in order to pass the wires into the hull. In hindsight this really wasn’t the best option because I had to use a bunch of hot glue and marine silicone to keep the wire from leaking. A much better idea is to buy whats known as a “Thru-hull” fitting. This allows you to pass the wires through the hull and provides a water tight seal with out the need for half a tube of silicone. But hey, nobody’s perfect right?

Having already installed the day hatch in the rear tank well gave me much easier access to run the cable up to the front hatch. Some people may have a fancy tool called a “FISH TAPE” but those of who are not as fortunate have to get a bit creative. I used a regular tape measure to help pull the power cable from the drive unit up to the front hatch.

Up at the front hatch I made  my connections to wire in a fuse and the Nocqua Adventure Gear battery hook up. The fuse holder came with the Power Pole Micro kit and it was just a quick solder/shrink wrap job and it was done. To secure the fuse and excess wire I attached it to the back side of the Liskas stand assist retention bar.


The last step was to drill a hole inside the center hatch to pass through the power wire to connect to the battery. For this I used a Thru-hull fitting to provide a good water tight seal on the bulkhead, and its all done. As you can see adding a Micro anchor to the Liska is a fairly straight forward ordeal and can be knocked out in about 2 hours.

– James Schlingmann