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KBF’s 2019 National Championship will take place March 28-30, 2019 in Shreveport-Bossier City, Louisiana. There are many ways you can qualify for the KBF National Championship. Three of the ways I tried this season was competing in the KBF Tournament Trail, KBF Monthly State Challenge, and the KBF One Night Stand Challenge. It was a tough season competing with the best anglers out there. I fished all over the Southeast trying to qualify.

August was coming up and it was already the tail end of the season and I still haven’t qualified for the National Championship. There were 2 more opportunities that came up, the One Night Stand Challenges. KBF had the One Night Stand Challenge split up into Regions. One Night Stand Challenges typically starts from 6 pm and runs all night to 8 am the next morning. These challenges are split up into 2 nights and you can only choose 1 of the 2 nights to compete in. I being from GA decided to fish the Southeast Region the first night and the Florida/Texas Region the second night. There was going to be very little sleep going into these two challenges. 

I got off work at 6 pm the first night and headed straight to a river that might just give me a chance. Choice of lure this night was a topwater lure, everyone’s favorite for fishing at night. I was catching fish all night but none of the size. I only had 2 good fish all night and it was a 20″ Largemouth and a 21.25″ Spotted Bass within the last hour. Those 2 fish had me sitting in 3rd place which should be good but there was still the second group of anglers waiting to compete on the 2nd night. I slept for 3 hours and made a 5-hour drive south to Florida to compete in the Florida/Texas Region. 

Got down to Florida and I was worn out. Things were looking good though, there were fish busting everywhere. Within the first 2 hours, I had a caught 2 decent size fish that had me sitting in 4th place and then everything just locked jaws the whole night. It was a grind all night trying to get one bite. I manage to get one more bite and it was a 19-inch largemouth pushing me up the standings to 2nd place. As the sun starts to peak, I’m thinking 2nd place should get me qualified. You can never be too sure though. One piece of advice I like to give is to never stop casting until the last minute. I got around a point making my way back to the ramp and made one more cast to catch a fish that sealed the deal. I was sitting in 1st place thinking this is it, I’m going to Shreveport, Lousiana to fish the 2019 National Championship.