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I love topwater fishing all year round in South Louisiana.  Nothing like seeing a nice speckled trout or redfish explode on your bait at any minute.  Some places I like to try are long runs with total trips averaging 10 miles. I used to hesitate making some of those trips when I had a paddle kayak because I’m getting older and my shoulders get tired after 3-4 straight miles. Since I’ve switched to my Jackson Coosa FD I don’t hesitate making long runs. My speed averages 3.2 knots and I can keep that consistent speed for hours.  It really has opened up areas I fish now.  It takes a little while to build stamina in your legs, but once you get there the sky is the limit. As far as baits go I love Spook Jr’s, Skitterwalk’s, Badonkadonk’s, and TopDog’s.  I also like colors in black and silver, blue and white, and red head with white bodies. 

Tight lines!