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Welcome to bass fishing in Georgia. We’ve got all the big hitters – Northern and F1 strain largemouth, smallmouth, Kentucky and Alabama spots. We’ve also got the bass we brag on down here – the Shoal bass. But we’re so much more than that – see, here in Georgia, we’ve got bass six ways to Sunday. With ten recognized bass species in-state, you can catch more species of bass here in Georgia than anywhere else in the USA. If you can catch five of them in a calendar year, you’ll earn a Georgia Bass Slam. This is my 2018 Slam.


The largemouth I submitted came from a Public Fishing Area east of Atlanta. I had a lot of luck with a wacky rig in shallow water, but the bass were all small bucks holding wood in 3-5′ of water. I replicated the pattern in a little deeper water (5′-8′) and immediately hooked up with this nice largemouth.

Smallmouth & Bartram’s

My Smallmouth was one of two species from a May tournament on the Savannah River, the other being a Bartram’s bass. Both fish came off a shaky head with a trick worm.

Shoal Bass

This aggressive shoal bass slammed a trick worm on a shaky head during the 2018 Three River Throwdown. 

Suwannee Bass

This was my toughest fish and by far the most proud of any I caught, regardless of size. To put this fish in my Coosa HD, I drove from Atlanta to just north of the Florida border. I launched and fished my way to a shoal just shy of the state line into Florida before I finally tied into this Suwannee bass.