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Where to start…I learned a lot throughout 2018. Here’s a few that I continue to learn.

• Started trying to figure out roundhouses, blunts, mcnasty, phonics and more.
• Figuring out how to ride a unicycle is a fun but sometimes frustrating challenge. Its a great warm up and cool down for paddling too. Riding the one wheeled device off curbs is quite thrilling!
• Volunteered for speaking events..preparation is key for me to make my presentations cohesive and interesting.

I had the opportunity to travel to some new paddling places, revisit some favorite places, and paddle during flood at our local whitewater parks.

• Paddled the Poudre River in CO for my PFD. Had a lot fun!
• Paddled lots of fun places in CO, Numbers, Glenwood, BV, Salida, Florence.
• Paddled the Ottawa for my PFD. Fun!
• Celebrated thanksgiving at the Tellico with our gracious and welcoming campsite hosts.
• Paddled Charles City Whitewater at high water during a glorious and warm fall flood.
• Set a new personal record for highest water level paddled at the Manchester Whitewater Park: 8100cfs! (normal fall flow is 100 cfs)

Many more memories made with old and new friends and I can’t wait for whats on the horizon line next!

Thank you all who continue to support me in my endeavors. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn, grow, and the journey discovered along way.

-Hannah Ray J