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Jeremy Crowe asked me if I wanted to go fishing when he gets out of work. I asked him what time he was out. I was already off work. He said he didn’t know. My response…”cash me owww side! How-bout dat??” He can catch up.

So, I loaded up! I think I’m legal right? Oh well…backroads it is! 

While on my solo adventure, I helped a couple kayakers over these down trees. I think I scared them. This isn’t a good picture but it’s never a good idea to look down on a bungee cord when you are trying to secure it (should be common sense but I was in a hurry). I pulled the bungee as far as it could go (another bad idea), thought it was hooked but ummm…it was NOT! Smacked me straight in the face! Busted my bottom and top lip and cut my nose. It would’ve hit my eye as well but luckily, I had my glasses on. The kayakers were probably thinking….”who is this beat-up chic in the middle of nowhere with bruises all over her face!” 

I just chop it up as another lesson that I’ve learned. I’m sure there will be many

All and all…I did ok. Nothing to brag about but I was catching not fishing. That always makes for a great day on the water! 

Jeremy did eventually make it on the water with me. While I enjoy my alone time, it was nice to have the company.

– Shannon Williams