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hat a few days I had over the weekend. Left Thursday afternoon after work, drove and hour to pick up a mate. Then drove 4.5hrs to bemm river, arriving around 10.30pm meet up with a  couple other mates. weather then went south quickly! Heavy rain and winds 40kph + gusting up to around 80 odd! We didn’t hit the water till around 11am Friday due to the conditions, but we found a little spot that had a small amount of shelter from the wind. Few blokes caught a few bream,  I only managed a nice 64cm dusky flathead. Was a nice little fight on 4lb braid and leader!

Saturday the weather still just like Friday we fished the same spot again.. once again quite a few nice bream caught, and there was another nice 60 odd cm flathead caught. I managed to pick up 3 bream for the day.
Made a little friend on the water that followed the yaks for ages, then followed back into the carpark, and also few with us back to our room! Waited at the door and then walked us to the pub! By time Sunday morning arrived the weather had really beaten us and no one was really keen to go battle winds and get wet again! So it was time to hit the road. About 960km covered!
– Craig Richards