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Rarely do I go on a solo trip in the kayak but when the conditions seem perfect you simply cant pass a trip up. So, I loaded up my gear and hit the road determined to find some redfish willing the chew. Backing into the launch I dropped my kayak in the water, loaded my gear down and headed towards the ponds. 

The water clarity wasn’t the best and the high tide was subpar. The top water bite was few and far in between with light blowups. Switching gears I started throwing a white Vortex matrix shad on an inline spinner and that was all she wrote! The rat reds couldn’t resist! One after another after another they couldn’t let it go. After about 10 small fish I started to search for the bigger wakes in shallow ponds. Sure catching reds of any size is fun but when you are looking for some filets for the grill, the small one wont cut it! 

After some missed opportunities on some good fish, I finally hauled in my first keeper of the day. A solid 24” Louisiana redfish was in the fish bag! Feeling good with one in the boat the day seemed to be picking up. The water was beginning to move around the ponds and bait seemed to get more active. A few more spooked fish later I stuck another solid 21” Louisiana redfish and slide her into the bag. Two fish down I got the call to head in to attend a family function and my day was cut short… two fish in the bag I aimed the Cuda towards the truck. Needless to say, I probably should have checked the tide levels when I launched… with the water up to my tires at the lunch and my trailer sinking in the marsh mud… I was up for a solo challenge to get my truck out the mud! About 30 minutes later and a lost flip-flop I was on the road slinging mud miles behind me. Man what a trip! Until next time, tight lines! 

– Cole Landry