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This little bit is on some modifications I made on my JKrate Low to better fit my fishing needs. The JKrate Low is great in itself and come ready to go straight from the factory to attach and go. I upgraded to the JKrate Low after using a modified milk create for years. One of the best moves for a few reasons it keeps my gear dry, easy access to gear and can be easily taken off and on.

Now for the modifications. Moving from the milk create I lacked 3 rod holders that I was use to reaching back and swinging to the front like an arrow quiver. After some time of leaving the JKrate as is I decided to dive into its possibilities.
I started by striping it down taking off the handles, shock cords and guides and latches. I then looked to add some aftermarket triple rod holders and replace the shock cord to para cord to color match my kayak.

Figured that this would be a fast simple deal and attach the aftermarket rod holders to where the handles are on the sides. I did that and found that the rod holders trapped the lid to the box. So stripped them off and plotted. I then cut a piece of two by four into four two inch pieces. These extended the rod holders out from the box two inches. Perfect, the lid was able to move freely. I then measured and screwed the wood blocks to the rod holders. Then drilled pilot holes into the wood blocks to fasten the blocks and rod holders to the bin of the JKrate. I did this on both sides creating nine possible locations on the box for rods.

Then to replace the shock cords to para cord. This was pretty simple after getting the fasteners to come apart to release the cord cut one end and pull it through. Then take the shock cord and measure the length but give yourself about another two to three inches. I then took a one inch plastic buckle for the latching mechanism to hold the lid down. One inch nylon webbing to hold the buckles to the para cord then need to sew them together. I went the fast route and wrapped them in heavy duty tape temporarily as didn’t know if I would like that.

Now mounting the box to the Coosa FD I took and went with the YakAttack vertical tie downs. I cut the one inch Nylon webbing to desired length and draped it over the wood blocks that were made to attach the rod holders. I wood screwed those down to make the band to attach to the vertical tie downs.

Put the JKrate in and solid. New issue, I like to store my rods on the deck of my kayak while transporting and was able to feed them to the back which now sat the JKrate. The remedy I came up with was two sections of 4 inch PVC. This brought the JKrate up and for storage underneath. I also had to undo and make new sections of nylon webbing in order to attach the JKrate back down. Also took for good measure para cord and loped it through the PVC and tied those to the wood blocks and put the nylon webbing over top to prevent snagging.

This has worked well for me hope it can help you as you decide on a storage option for your gear and rods.

– Adam Judge