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Many would consider lake st. Clair to be the best smallmouth lake in the country, and rightfully so.  It’s not uncommon to have 100 fish catch days of 3 to 5 pound smallmouth, with the occasional 6 pounder mixed in.  So when KBF announced lake St. Clair would be on the 2018 schedule,  I just knew I had to go.  The tournament was scheduled for May 26th 2018, which meant the smallmouth would be in all 3 stages of the spawn.  I got there a day early with my good friend, and Jackson kayak teammate Ken Morris to get some pre fishing in.  I’m pretty sure we picked the wrong area of the lake to pre fish, as we caught everything except smallmouth.  


The tournament started off slow for me, I was finesse fishing a drop shot with no luck for the first hour.  I made a decision to move to a marker buoy a little farther out, and on my way there I trolled a deep diving crankbait.  Trolling that crankbait ended up being the smartest decision I made all day.  On my initial trip to the marker buoy I picked up a solid 17″ class smallmouth, followed by a 18″ class smallmouth.  At this point I basically knew what I had to do, which was troll a crankbait, making contact with the bottom of the lake to trigger strikes.  In the next hour and a half of trolling that crankbait, I had a solid limit of lake St. Clair smallmouth!!!  I then proceeded to cull the rest of the day, picking up nice fish, after nice fish.  All on the same crankbait, all in the same area, all with me paddling my butt off.  It was one of the most satisfying days of tournament fishing I’ve had, going from literally nothing the day before, to completely winging it on tournament day, and coming out with a solid limit.  I ended the day in 21st place out of 79 anglers with a 90″ limit.  Lake St. Clair didn’t disappoint, and I cant wait to make my way back to have another, lake st. Clair smackdown. 

 I have 6 photos to go in this spot, but my email will not let me send them with this one. I’ll send them to you in a separate email like I did the previous one. Thanks for your time.
– Clayton Haske