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Since I can remember I have loved fishing and paddling, but had not combined to two until I was introduced to Jackson Kayaks in 2012 by my local Jackson Kayak Dealer MEFCOR Outdoors.  After getting a Jackson Coosa it became very apparent to me that you could truly do both paddling and angling together succesfully.  This kayak truly changed my view on fishing while from a kayak and suddenly there was a lot more water available to fish.  One thing that became very apparent to me between my time on the water and now working for the local Jackson Dealer is that not everyone who buys an angling kayak is actually a paddler.

Being an A.C.A paddling instructor I can attest that knowing how to paddle allows me to fish in places that others avoid and I can spend more time doing it.  Being a good paddler as a kayak angler does a lot of things, it allows you to be confident while on the water and paddle more places you thought you couldn’t and position your kayak exactly where you want to make those casts.  Learning how to paddle properly gives you the ability to safely navigate the rivers, lakes, bays, coasts, marshes and any other body of water you want. Using the proper paddle strokes and maintianing the right position allows you to paddle for longer periods of time without fatigue or strain.  Its also beneficial because you can learn basic self recovery so you know what to do in an emergency. 

So, once you have the gear and kayak spend the time to learn how to use it so you can truly enjoy your time on the water.  Contact your local A.C.A Instuctor and let them help you become a more well rounded paddler so you can fish those waters you have dreamed of.    

– Daniel Ingram