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Here in Michigan we are blessed with state land. Land we all own and can use for hunting, fishing, camping, etc. There is actually a ton of it all over the state. Some other things we have been blessed with are google earth, google maps, lightweight kayaks, and kayak carts. These are all things we should all take advantage of. I have explored miles upon miles of rivers around me and have certain places I gravitate to now because they hold large fish; Shannon on the other hand likes to see new things. I was getting out of work early one day and asked if she wanted to take Fisher and go catch some fish. She said yeah and shortly after I met her at home.

She pulls up google maps and shows me a couple different little ponds out in the middle of nowhere. “I’d like to go check out some of these”. I’m all “but river, what about the river”. She ended up winning. I loaded up some of the lighter kayaks that we have. Two Coosa’s for us and a little cheap sit inside so Fisher could drag it on his own. Loaded up we head out to the spot.

Park the truck and unload the kayaks. Armed with beverages, we start the kayak gypsy train down the “trail”. We had a good three eighths to a half mile haul to get back to this pond that wasn’t even half that far across. Get out on the water and it didn’t take long to start catching some fish. We were only out for a little while. We caught some decent bass and some crappie by catches. Shannon bested me by landing a real nice largemouth that was just shy of nineteen inches. 

The walk out is always harder than the walk in. We talked about going back sometime just the two of us so we could dissect the pond. I’m sure there are more big fish in there. We haven’t made it back yet, but it might be on the radar for next spring! Think about it, most of you all have access to these gems. What are you waiting for? Go find the next hidden honey hole!