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#1. Astral designs Ronny pfd.
 I chose the Ronny pfd. by Astral designs for my number 1 favorite kayak fishing accessory, and for good reason.  I have been personally using this pfd. for the past 2 seasons, and love how lightweight it is.  Another great aspect of the Ronny is the thin-vent back design, which works great with the high back seat of my Jackson kayaks.

#2. Leatherman Wave.
 I chose my leatherman as my number 2 favorite kayak fishing accessory, because I can always count on it working when I need it to.  I have owned the same one for over 6 years without an issue, it has so many use’s, its priceless in my opinion. 

#3. D.I.Y. milk crate with rod holders.

 I chose my do it yourself milk crate with rod holder as my number 3 favorite kayak fishing accessory.  Just about every kayak angler starts out with a milk crate to keep their tackle boxes organized.  What I like most about mine, is the fact that it was cheap, and easy to make.  It has plenty of storage capacity for your normal tournament situation, or average day of fishing.

#4. Ecoxgear Ecopebble bluetooth speaker.

 I chose a bluetooth speaker as my number 4 favorite kayak fishing accessory.  I like to listen to music while I’m fishing, and my ecopebble has been a mainstay in my kayak for 4 years now.  This small speaker has an amazing 7 hours of battery life, which will let you rock out while on the water.  This speaker packs a punch, and don’t worry if you happen to get it wet, its waterproof, and floats!  They also come with threads on the bottom, so you can ram mount it to a more solid location.

#5. Bass mafia money bag.
 I chose bass mafia’s money bag as my number 5 favorite kayak fishing accessory.  Now, I have only been using these money bags for a season so far, but they have far exceeded my expectations.  The bag itself is super tough, and very strong, there’s no worries of loose hooks stabbing through the sides.  They come with a double seal, so they are waterproof, and since they’re clear, it’s super easy it find what you need.  
– Clayton Haske