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Doesn’t it feel great to be back? New year, new content and countless other things going on at Jackson Kayak. Starting out my 2019 Jackson Kayak blogs I honestly didn’t think we would be on the water yet. I’d kind of been planning on using the Louisville Boat Show as my imaginary start date to kick off the blogs for the year. You know, the normal things like an indoors look at some of our new kayaks that we are producing for the year.  December through the 1st couple weeks of January it was unusually warm here in Indiana. The water temperatures have been rebounding from having a skiff of ice back up into the mid to upper 40’s. Air temps were climbing up into the mid 50’s, it was time to kick the year off a little different than planned so I load up the Liska and got to work. I mean wouldn’t you?

It has almost become tradition to start off our year of fishing in French Lick, Indiana at either Patoka Lake or Tucker Lake. Those seem to be the places where the tournament season always begins for us in Southern Indiana and who are we to break tradition? Besides there’s no better place to try out some new gear than a place you know like the back of your hand.

In talking about new gear it brings up my goal for my blog post for Jackson Kayak this year. While I love writing the blogs I know that I need to transition post into more of a vlog and I intend to do just that. Over the holidays I purchased 2 more cameras and spent a ton of time on YouTube learning some things that I can do differently to bring you guys some better, hopefully more enjoyable content. In my goal I still plan to write along with each video for those that enjoy that type of storytelling aspect that our team at Jackson Kayak offers.

Like all things I hope that these videos get better as we move along, learning what we like and dislike while finding our editing grove. You will get a chance to meet some of the crazy people in my kayak fishing circle and join us on our journey in our Jackson Kayaks thought the region. Some videos may end in fishing greatness and some may end with a little fishing failure but I plan to show it all along the way.

With all that said here is my vlog/blog of the new year “1st Kayak Trip of 2019”. I hope you guys enjoy the content this year not just from me but from all the team here at Jackson Kayak. Be sure to “smash that thumbs up button” and “check us out on Instagram” (@jacksonkayakfishing). See there, already sounding like a YouTuber. Drop us a comment and let us know if you like reading Blogs or watching Vlogs better.

Stay Crazy,

Chad Brock