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We had every Jackson Kayak we own out on this particular day.  

We had taken another family out with us who had wanted to try fishing from a kayak. Our kids who are no strangers to kayak fishing or just hanging out in the rivers were in the following kayaks, Nadia (12) Coosa, Fisher (9) Skipper & Payton (15) SuperFishal paddleboard with an Orion cooler as a seat. Payton was in charge of our river lunches & beverages. Jeremy and I chose to take our Coosa FD’s. Our friends Aaron was in the Liska, Theresa was in our Coosa HD and Cheyenne (15) was in another one of our Coosa’s. We put our first timers in our best river kayaks and the easiest to maneuver through the rapids and current.  I was a bit nervous because the river was unusually high and quite a bit faster than normal due to some heavy rain we had recently received. 

Everyone loaded up in their kayaks and headed down the river. I dropped behind because I could see some upcoming rapids. I wanted to make sure everyone got through them safely. They did without any issues. It took Theresa(wife) literally 5 minutes before she was standing and fishing! She had only kayaked one time prior. She was a natural! She was killing it! Her casts were spot on! She caught the first fish. That says a lot because with the river being so high, fishing wasn’t exactly “great”. She maintained balance through swift current and the occasional rapid.

I chose to paddle my Coosa FD while Jeremy pedaled up and down the river showing off…as usual. He made sure to brag to me every time he caught a fish…whatever…lol. I personally didn’t catch a thing. I was being overly worried about people tipping or getting out of sight. When I wasn’t doing head counts, I was busy getting the girls hooks unstuck from rocks and trees. They like to fish with Ned Rigs. They usually do well but I think they just weren’t used to the river conditions and got themselves stuck more than usual.

Overall, it was a great day on the water. Our friends had a great time on the water despite the tough bite. They want to get out some more and Aaron (a boat guy) is interested in doing more kayak fishing. Theresa out fished everyone! She maybe some future competition!

– Shannon Williams