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A few months ago a gentleman named Jack began working on a construction project that I was working on as well. Jack didn’t really say much at all during the day, he kept to himself and never spoke of his personal life. One day I stopped In his office to say hello and I noticed he had a local kayak shop decal on his wall. I didn’t know Jack very well so I started the conversation with ” you kayak fish much”. All of a sudden the guy started telling me how he had always wanted to give it a try, and how he had just bought his first kayak but didn’t know where to fish because he wasn’t from the area. So I told him that I kayak fish a lot and that he could tag along with me on my next outing.

I chose a spot that was easily accessible and had structure to block us from the winds since this was his first time out. We met up at the launch site around 6:00 in the morning and paddled out. It was a cloudy day and the water was a little murky due to the high winds and rain storms that had recently passed. I showed him the setup I used when the water clarity is murky, on this day I chose a paddle tail mullet in a Texas roach color( dark brown and chartreuse). I took him to a grassy flat hoping to see a few redfish tailing or the occasional fleeing bait. Lucky for us they were there and we began hooking up immediately. We fished the area for a while until the bite slowed down, then I decided to take him to an area filled with oyster reefs next to a slight gut that runs through the bay.

Once again we began catching redfish and trout and spent the rest of the afternoon in this area paddling
around and hooking up with some nice slot redfish. The only thing better than catching fish from a kayak, is helping someone else catch fish from a kayak. Over the past few years I have met a lot of people through kayak fishing , Jack is one of them. Now every time I see him that’s all he talks about, and that’s cool with me cause I can talk about fishing
all day long. Stay safe out there guys and remember to wear your PFD at all times.

– Patrick Wheat