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I’m sure we have all been here before… the restless night before a perfectly forecasted fishing morning. The only thing racing through your mind is the through of a stringer full of fat Louisiana Redfish. Then, just when you fall asleep, the alarm clocks screams and its time to get up. Well, this trip was that type of trip for me.


With a 5:30am alarm clock set I hit the sheets in hopes for a great morning on the water. Forecasted to have high sunshine and light winds – the conditions for a fantastic sight-casting day in my Cuda. After launching our Reggio, Louisiana, my hopes quickly faded as I noticed the water completely drained out of my ponds and the winds were picking up by the minute making it the trip from hell for a sight-casting fisherman..


After fighting through mud flats I was finally able to pole down some grass flat in search for clear water and golden redfish. Only thing missing was the golden redfish… After grinding it out for hours with only a few of the dreaded “Green trout” to show for it, I started my long haul back to the truck. On my way back in I kept thinking to myself, “ a horrible day on the water sure beats the hell out a day in the office”. A good tan and a few marsh bass are all I have to show for on this trip. Till next time, tight lines!