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Decided to hit the salt for some fun for three days, a local group called fresh and salty kayak fishing were putting on a friendly kayak fishing tournament held at Timber cove in Northern California. The adventure started by leaving Sacramento at 3 a.m. and travelling 3 hours north to the coast. Made it to the coast without any hiccups. We wanted to get to the campsites early as most of them were reserved and we needed to stake our claim to three sites as we had 7 just from our camp coming to the event. Campsites secured we took a little nap, then started unloading and getting gear ready for a great adventure the weekend had planned for us.

With no rush to get on the water we made our way to the surf by 10 a.m. a few kayaks had launched before us to check crab pots and get some fishing in. with a couple rock fish and a decent haul of crab they made their way back in. conditions were perfect to fish. My first fish came on a 4oz jig head with 6 inch twerk minnow swimbait. Next handful of fish came on structure in 30 feet of water. The rockfish could not say no to shrimp fly rig. As fun as they were to catch I wanted to catch something bigger to harvest. I left them and started fishing some rocks just off of breaking water hoping to hook into a lingcod or come other great fish. A healthy cabezon was the next thing that decided to much the swimbait. Sent him down on his way home. Finally got into some lingcods. Nothing huge but big enough to eat back at camp. With a couple lingcods on the stringer I headed into meet some of the other guys that were almost to our sites. Friday evening started with some fresh grilled fish along with some vegetables. Then we got invited to the main camp and feasted on so many different kinds beef poultry and vegetables it was hard to stop. When I found some Hmong soup is when I stopped eating because the soup was incredibly spicy.

Saturday started nice and early on the water, a couple lings right off the bat set the tone for the day. Not a lot of big fish for me were caught but lots of numbers and some fun fights happened. I didn’t plan on keeping any fish for the day as we had plenty in camp for that night’s meal. As the soup from the night before was getting noticed by me it was my time to try to get off the water. I made it back to launch in time to see the winning fish get judged for the two rods they were giving away and reel. For the biggest lingcod, rockfish and cabezon. My buddy kaiyler won a nice rod with a 8 pound cabezon. The ling cod and rock winners rightfully won as their fish where big. The camp feed us fresh tuna in many forms again I ate till I almost burst. 


Sunday I  fished till I got a limit of ling cods  and headed home the weekend was one for the books just like all kayak events I met more new people and had some great laughs.