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Name: Zoltán Kalauz
Hometown, Country: Siófok, Hungary


Kayak(s): Cuda HD, Coosa FD

Future kayak: Bite, BigRig FD

Equipment: YakAttack, GoPro, HIKO, Werner Paddles

Freshwater, saltwater: Freshwater

Favorite Fish: Zander, Pike

Bucket list fish: GT, Tarpoon, and all the other fish I have not caught yet

Favorite place for kayak fishing: Lake Balaton, Rügen, Karlskrona

Bucket list kayak fishing locations: Loz Buzos Panama

Events in 2019: Bodden Bash, Liska Kayak Open, Hungarian Kayak Fishing Event

Why Jackson Kayak: Because Jackson offers wide range of fishing kayaks. I can choose paddle kayak, if I want to paddle. I can choose a pedal kayak if I don’t want to paddle. I can choose tandem kayak, if I want to fish together with my son or my wife. I can choose a fast kayak for big lakes or open water. I can choose an extra stable kayak if I want to fish standing. And one of the most important thing is the “Jackson Family”. The people who makes these perfect kayaks for us, the European team members, who are my friends, even if can can meet them 1 to 2 times in a year. But these times are the best!