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One of the more important parts of kayaking fishing that most of us never talk or think about is proper nutrition. Having some sort of nutrition plan for a day on the water should be something everyone thinks about. Kayak angling expends a lot of energy and most of us are unaware of it because we are more focused on finding and catching fish. But to have the energy to efficiently and safely kayak fish all day we must be aware of what we are putting in our bodies.

It all starts with the night before your trip. Something high in carbs for dinner will help keep your energy up the next day. Also, drinking plenty of water before you go to bed will help you wake up refreshed. The morning of, eat something light but filling with plenty of protein and some carbs. I try to eat some eggs and fruit. If you choose to eat a banana make sure to do so before getting on the water! Don’t mess with the donuts or pop-tarts as the sugar will have you crashing soon. On the water, I keep a few energy bars in my kayak. I usually eat one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I tend to eat small amounts through out the day so I don’t feel full. For lunch, a sandwich works (turkey, chicken or PBJ are your best bets). I used to snack on beef jerky all day but that is loaded with salt and I would end up feeling dehydrated. Skip the salty and sweet snacks on the water if you can.

Hydration is also a very important part of a day of paddling. Whether we realize it or not, we lose a lot of water paddling. A long with having plenty of water before getting on the water, I keep a couple of Nalgene 32 oz water bottles in the kayak. Gatorade is also good for those hot summer days. Just try to avoid energy drinks and sodas, they do the opposite of hydrating you.

Nutrition is something all anglers should have a plan for. It is also good to consider bringing extra water and food for emergencies. You never know when you will be on the water longer than expected.

– Brandon Sorg