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Well right of the back, let’s just clear something up. For me, this means a relatively short outing where I am going to spend tow to three hours on the water at max. I have found this to be necessary if I’m going to maximize my fishing opportunities, simply because of my lifestyle and work schedule. So before writing this short blog, I sat back and gave it some thought and ultimately decided that it may be more beneficial to others that will read this, if I added some cool tips or at least what works for me. Specifically the things that aid me in spending more time fishing and less time rigging or trying to decide what I am going to use, while out on the water.


For starters, let me just start by saying that the reason why I put this to paper, so to speak, is because, I like many of you, have my fair share of responsibilities and often find myself wishing I had more time. And with so many commitments, like family, work, chores and appointments, eating away at our time, I struggle sometimes to carve out small blocks of “uncommitted time”, to sneak away for much needed water therapy. I must say, I’ve gotten pretty good at it too, some of my friends have actually asked me, how do I find some much time to fish? That’s when I go into my short intervals explanation. Simply put, I go out for short periods of time when I can afford to cut back on other things, usually this winds up being sleep. Now before anybody goes off on a tirade about unhealthy this is or how it’s going to catch up with me in the long run, please understand that I apply a healthy dose of moderation.

Now on to the useful stuff. Since I am only going to be out for a little while, I have to plan accordingly. First, I make sure that the weather is favorable, for the most part. Then I pick a spot or section of water that is close by and has been productive for me in the recent past. I’m talking about a stretch of river or creek that is quality water. I’m sure many of who read this have a honey hole or two that you keep all to yourself for just this occasion. When short on time, you have to take a no frills approach, get out there, get on the fish and get out. I then follow this up by limiting my fishing to only several hundred yards from the put-in/take-out point as there is no time for exploring new water. You have to be pretty disciplined about this or your going to get into time management trouble. That’s it, that is my secret, they key is to fish the area thoroughly and pack light. I only take a handful of lures that I have a lot of confidence in and limit myself to two rods.

Safety note: Always, always wear a dry suit, especially if fishing this time of year when the water can be expected to be in the low forties. Never ever cut corners on safety. I usually keep my dry suit, base layers and a change of clothes and a PFD in my truck. If I forget any of these items, I simply do not go fishing from the kayak, the Coosa stays in the truck. Finally, before hitting the water, I go through a mental checklist that ends with remembering to tell someone where I would be and what time I expect to be off the water. Once that is accomplished, it’s slaunch time.

– Tony Heredia