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Here is the coastal bend the bays have begun filling up with anglers hoping to catch huge speckled trout. It’s a beautiful site when one attacks a top water lure early in the morning just as the sun coming up on the horizon. I don’t fish for speckled trout very often, I look for redfish or flounder. Its not that I don’t like to catch them, it’s just flounder and reds are my preference when it comes to table fare.  

About two weeks ago I decided to take my oldest boy fishing.  He loves to go fishing, so I try to take him with me in the kayak quite often.  So we got up that morning around four o clock and started loading the truck with all our gear and hit the road. We like to leave early to beat the boat traffic and be the first ones to “the Spot”.  Well it just so happens that on this particular day, someone else was up earlier than us and had beat us to “the spot”.  So we paddled to a nearby area that usually holds trout and the occasional red drum.  The water is very clear this time of year so line selection and lure colors play an important role if your planning on catching fish.  My son was using a paradise bomber popping cork,18” clear mono, 1/8 ounce jighead, and live shrimp.  The area we were fishing is a grassy area with a lot of sand pockets scattered throughout. 

 We caught a lot of speckled trout that day and even managed to land a bonus redfish.  We released most of the fish we caught, however we did take a few home for supper that night.  We may not have fished where we wanted to fish originally but we still managed to locate fish and have a great time on the water. Remember to stay safe out there, always wear you PFD and respect others. Tight lines!!!!

– Dottie Wheat