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  1. A lifejacket or PFD. When worn it can keep you afloat if you go for an unintentional swim. Many are designed for fishing and are comfortable, good looking and functional.
  2. A pump. This handheld pump can be used to get water out of your kayak or a buddy’s. Many pump out about 8 gallons/minute,it floats and lightweight. It can also be turned into a water gun to douse your friends.
  3. A paddle float. This inflatable bag goes over your paddle blade and when used right, can help you get back into a kayak from deep water/aid someone else. As an outrigger, it can help stabilize your boat or use it as a camping pillow covered by your t-shirt.
  4. VHF radio-A great way to communicate on the water with your friends, other boaters or the Coast Guard/Harbor Patrol. Many of them float and have a weather radio feature as well.
  5. Tow rope. This 12-15’ piece of rope could save you or your friends kayak. In the event of a tired or injured paddler, or very strong winds, you can connect your boat to the other boat and tow them back to shore or safety. You can use a piece of line or get a tow bag with two carabiners and a quick release if needed.
  6. Cell phone in a waterproof bag. Great for getting fish pics without getting your phone  slimy or for emergency calls. Be aware that some areas cannot get cell phone reception.
  7. First aid kit. This should be accessible to you and in a dry bag or dry case. Small cuts in your fingers or palm tend to bleed a lot. Bring bandaids, gauze, waterproof tape and latex finger cots.
  8. Food and water. Staying hydrated and energized is important to keep you fishing all day and making back to the launch ready for the drive home.
  9. Pliers with a lanyard. Most do not float so having them attached to your PFD or other spots will make them handy and accessible.
  10. A net and measuring board. A net can get them aboard faster and safely often without injury to the fish.Many states have minimum size requirements and with a board you can quickly measure them and get the little guys back in the water.