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Let me start by saying, WOW!! I am beyond impressed by the Bluesky Boatworks Angler 360. This boy has everything a angler could ever want and need for a great day on the water. I got to take the Angler 360 out on multiple occasions and actually fished a tournament out of it in the last month. There is room for days and stability for a lifetime. The Angler 360 is a great way to get out of a bass boat and I to a smaller water craft and not have to sacrifice everything you are used too. From bow to stern I was impressed by the features it packs. From the front porch, that makes flipping a breeze to the built in wheel system that makes hauling it around seem effortless.

I fished the Lonestar Throwdown on Lake Belton out of the Angler 360 and everywhere I stopped I was always asked about it and what it was and how does it work. It was so cool getting to explain that to people and see the excitement in their eyes. Fishing the Throwdown was made simple out of the Angler 360. I had ample storage, plenty of places to hold my rods and tackle, PLENTY of stability in 15+ MPH wind, and the most comfortable and adjustable chair on the market. Casting was easy and effortless because you were doing it from a higher position. Hook setting was amazing for the simple fact that you basically were already standing up. Fishability is a word we here all the time in the kayak world and the Angler 360 takes the cake. How many times have you cast and the wind blows you around and you you are now reeling your lure in over your shoulder or twisted up? A lot, just tell truth. The Angler 360 virtually eliminated that hassle. The chair sound 360 degrees and is so smooth. When the wind is blowing and you are getting frustrated now you have a solution, just unlock the chair and spin freely. I was cycling through 5 rods all day and the deck made this a breeze. I could pick up a rod and set it on the deck and it was completely out of my way unlike the confined decks of most kayaks. I was caught off guard by how many rods I had out and where they were on the Angler 360. The front porch and back porch made so many things easy throughout the day. I stood on the from a lot to cast and flip trees and went to the back to land a fish. When I say I went to the back I mean I walked to the back. I just can’t say enough good things about it.

If you are in the market for a stable, comfortable, unique and functional fishing platform check out the Bluesky Boatworks Angler 360. You get all the quality of a Jackson built boat with the vision of the future.